For all, who do not know us, yet:
Thank you for reading these lines

On the page "company" we have already mentioned, how we became what we are now, and why facility management, rentals and service work hand-in-hand. Here you will find more answers to the questions, that come up while reading our pages. Your concern is important to us.

You do not want to sit on packed cases the last day of your holiday or use the driving mirror of a taxi for make-up until your flight goes. We have the same questions, when we go on holiday.

Everything, that appears important to us is listed here. The basics of your reservation/booking will be sent to you personally covering the details of the villa. Of course, you can reach us by telephone/e-mail and fax anytime.

  1. Inquiry and Arrival
  2. Your "Insider" - information: where are the garbage bags???
  3. Relax - it is your holiday !

Inquiry and Arrival

the travel dates (ETA-ETD): by using the reservation calendar, you have a general view of the booking status of the villas ("availabiltity" or "general view" on the left side of every page). Here you can see, which villas are free to book.

frei reserviert belegt

your inquiry: Just send us your data with our booking form. Depending on the availablitiy we will send you a booking contract with the details by e-mail.

Provided, that you decide for the object, just return the filled and signed contract by fax or email. Your house is booked.

to reserve a villa: we will reserve your requested villa for 24 hours the very moment, we send you our booking contract by e-mail. In this period, you should - if you decide for the object - return the filled and signed contract by fax or email in advance.

If you need to check flights or arrange dates with accompanying travellers, you could possibly need a longer reservation. Please let us know immediately. In this case, we will try...our best!

To book a villa: When you decide to book your villa, please return the booking contract filled and signed. We need it by fax or email (important to finally mark "your" villa as "booked"). Then, your vacation is booked.

The day of arrival: Select your arrival- and departure date on the reservation calendar of the chosen villa. Minimum arrangements are 7 days or 14 days in full season (see details on the relative page)

Any week day is possible for arrival and departure depending on availability. Minimum stay is 1 week, additional single-day booking is possible.

Hours of arrival and departure: Usually the arrival time is "from 4.00 pm", departure time / check out "is at 11.00 am". However, we will surely try to consider special request. It should be possible, if the reservationplan allows it.

Your "Insider" - information: where are the garbage bags???

Cape Coral Services is a service company, that knows exactly the villas offered here. We arrange the renting of vacation homes by order of the owners.

These houses are maintained by profesionell facility managements in Cape Coral. Together with the owners of these fine villas, our range of properties is regularly adjusted to the needs of our tenants.

The invoice: With our booking confirmation you will receive a detailed invoice showing the costs. The payments (rent and cleaning) are payable by credit card, USD cheque or wire transfer to our US account; security deposit have to be paid by USD checks or in cash.

The payment of balance is due 4 weeks before arrival to the named account in the US. All currency is US Dollar. We do accept credit cards (VISA and MasterCard only).

The house documents are sent with the original invoice by e-mail. Here you will receive the home phone number and address of the villa, your local contact and how to receive the keys.

Our office in Cape Coral: For all inquiries and queries during your stay in Florida you can reach us in our office. Our team will be available for you from 9 AM - 8 PM; for emergencies 24 h.

A house near the beach: Cape Coral is famous for its canals, most of the villas are by the water, but the beautiful beaches are in Sanibel Island, Captiva and in Ft.Myers. The public beach is near the yacht harbour at Driftwood Parkway. There are barbeque, a fishing pier, a restaurant and restrooms.

Relax - it is your holiday !

OK, all quesions about garbage bags, electric door openers, and the gas barbeque are answered in the "housefile". If you do not want to read, just ask our team.

Computer access: if you wish a computer internet access, look out in the house description.

Additional cost: Mainly energy and cleaning are the costs. These should be balanced before departure.

Return of deposit: the deposit is usually refunded within 4 weeks after departure. If your house has int´l and long distance phonecalls accessible, we will need to await the invoices.

Credit card payment: We accept VISA and MASTERCARD.

Screen: The screens covering the pool area are meant to protect against Mosquitos and other flying friends with 6 feet." The material is fine pored fabric that does not affect your tanning process (-progress!?)

Air condition: all houses have at least one air condition system. When you check in, we will give you a brief instruction of how to...

Be sure to close the doors and windows, when the air condition is activated.

Pets: No pets allowed in our vacation homes.